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Psa 31:3 For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name's sake lead me, and guide me.
Service Times
Sunday AM Bible Study........................10:00AM
Sunday AM Worship............................10:45AM
Sunday Breaking Bread........................11:00AM
Sunday PM Worship..............................6:00PM
Wednesday Evening..............................7:00PM

What to Expect

We will sincerely appreciate your being with us. We pray that the worship will bless and encourage you. We also hope that you will want to return. Perhaps you are not familiar with the worship in a congregation of the Church of Christ. We know that the unfamiliar can be distracting and confusing. As we praise God and honor Jesus Christ, we do not want you to be distracted or confused.

A Cappella Singing

One of the unique features of the churches of Christ is our a cappella singing. This is simply singing without the accompaniment of musical instruments in our worship assemblies. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the singing as we praise God and Christ. As we sing, we want our spirits to commune with God through His Spirit. We pray that you will find the music both beautiful and meaningful.

The Lord’s Supper

Another uniqueness is that each Sunday we remember Jesus' sacrifice and celebrate our resulting freedom from sin by participating together in the Lord's Supper, or Communion. During this memorial, plates containing unleavened bread pass throughout the congregation. This bread represents the "body of Christ" which the Apostle Paul teaches corresponds to the church. Participants will break off a piece of bread, eat it, and meditate upon their relationship with the church for which Jesus sacrifice Himself. Next, trays filled with individual cups are distributed. These cups contain grape juice that represent "the new convenant in Jesus' blood." Each participant drinks the contents of one cup, replaces the cup in the tray, and remembers the promise they made with God during their immersion for their sins' forgiveness. The Lord's Supper is offered to baptized believers each Sunday as Jesus commanded.

Prayer and Scripture Reading

Through prayer and reading the Bible, we talk to and listen to God. During worship, selected men will lead us in these activities. Most worshipers participate by simply bowing their heads during the prayer, however, you are welcome to assume whatever submissive posture you are comfortable with in prayer. You are encouraged to follow the Bible readings in your own Bible or one of the Bibles provided in the pews.

Weekly Contribution

Each Sunday, plates are passed to collect the weekly tithe of our members, which support the many ministries here at our church. We do not expect our guests to contribute. If they choose to contribute, we gratefully accept their gift. However, the work of this congregation is the responsibility of its members.


We have an exhortation that helps to focus on building a stronger spiritual life. Most Sundays our minister, Dale Parker, delivers the sermon.

Song of Meditation and Commitment

At the conclusion of the sermon, we sing a song to allow for each of us to think about our relationship with God and the many ways He enriches our lives. People are invited to respond by coming to the front of the Auditorium for immersion for the forgiveness of their sins, prayer, or to indicate a desire to become a member of our church family. We understand that Christ's invitation is open every day, every hour. Any time is the appropriate time for prayer or baptism.

If you wish further explanation about our worship or any aspect of Christian life, we would welcome an opportunity to study the Bible and share Christ with you. Ask any member to introduce you to the minister or congregational leaders.